We are IRA and 401K ROLLOVER Specialists

If you left your job, are changing jobs or retiring and have a 401K at your prior employer, now is a great time to take control of your investment portfolio. We help you rollover your 401K or Profit-Sharing and provide our managed account services to you.

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Our Mission... Strengthening our clients' financial lives


Welcome to Forza Investment Advisory


We are a customer-focused investment advisory firm based in Westfield, NJ that provides personalized financial solutions to the select clientele we serve. Our goal is to create and maintain wealth for our clients through a comprehensive investment planning approach. We differentiate ourselves by managing money in-house using an investment approach developed from 25 years experience as an institutional and private-client portfolio manager.  We deliver a combination of professional money management and personal service that is usually unavailable to individual investors and small institutions. 

Our focus on service allows our clients to deal directly with their money manager, not a salesperson.  We form a partnership with you and pledge to earn your trust through quality investment management, superior service, and adherence to our fiduciary duties. As an RIA we embrace our obligation to place our client's interests before our own and fulfill critical fiduciary duties of trust, integrity and confidence. 
Our clients include successful professionals, small business 401Ks, retirees and financial advisors.   Forza - our strength is our experience.

- Bob Centrella, CFA and Managing Partner  (click on name for Bio)               

What's the difference between an RIA and a Broker?  Answer:  Fiduciary Standard and plenty more.   Click here to learn more.



Forza Investment Advisory LLC
, is an independent, New Jersey State Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm that provides fee-only investment advisory and portfolio management services to private clients, investment advisors and select institutions with investable assets greater than $500,000.  As an independent RIA we have no conflicting ties to a brokerage platform of products; so we can choose investments for our clients from all available investment choices. By working with a small, select clientele we offer the intimacy of a boutique setting and the benefit of personalized service and institutional-quality investment management.  We specialize in creating innovative solutions for each client consistent with their goals, objectives and investment needs. 

Our services include:

- Investment Planning, Strategy and Implementation
- Asset Allocation
- Portfolio Management
- Retirement Planning
- Investment Advisory (including for ERISA Plans)
- Separately Managed Accounts (SMA's)
- Rollover 401K into IRA Specialist

- Savings Plans
- Consultative Portfolio Management Services to Investment Advisors

We provide investment management and financial advisory services for many types of portfolios and Plans including IRA's, Trusts, Personal Accounts, Rollover 401Ks, Pensions, Endowments, Charitable Accounts, 401Ks, Profit-Sharing Plans, Education Plans...

We also provide other financial advisors with our portfolio management services.  We will construct an equity model portfolio for you based on our fundamental approach and help you to build equity portfolios for your clients.  This frees up your time while allowing you to provide a unique custom portfolio for your clients.  We continue to provide ongoing support you need to keep the portfolios up to date. 

Finally, we also offer a Free Financial Consult to allow you to get to know us better. Call us at (908) 344-9790 to talk to our investment advisor or to setup an appointment

***As a thank you for visiting our site, we'd like to offer a Free Retirement Planning E-Book.  The E-Book is designed to provide valuable insights and information on retirement planning.  It will help you get on the right path of saving and investing for the future. 
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Forza differentiates itself through its value-added business model. We bring institutional-quality money management to all our clients.  We ask you to consider trading in your mutual funds for our customized institutional-class portfolio management.  Here's what we bring to the table:

·       Investment Experience - Experience is crucial in today’s volatile financial environment. Our  
investment professional spent the past 25 years in the financial services industry including the
last 20 years managing billions of dollars as a mutual fund manager and as both an
Institutional and private client investment manager. This experience as a professional money
manager is what differentiates Forza from most advisors

        Ethics & Compliance - Forza follows a strict code of ethics and our investment manager holds a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation and adheres to the CFA® code of ethics as well.  The firm has a clean compliance record and as an RIA we take the fiduciary pledge to act as fiduciary for all of our clients.  Forza is registered in the State of New Jersey as an RIA.

·        Flexible and Customizable Investment Strategy We customize an asset allocation across various asset classes for each client based on our disciplined investment process. At the core of each asset allocation is a diversified equity portfolio comprised of individual securities as constructed by our investment manager through our disciplined process.

    Superior Customer Service – Great service is one of our founding core principles. We know that clients want access to their advisor and we will be sure to be available and to communicate regularly as we form a partnership with a goal of making your life easier. At Forza, your advisor IS the money manager and you get direct access to your investment manager, not an intermediary.

•    Transparency and Competitive Fee Structure – Our fee is based on assets under management, so our incentives are aligned with our client's best interest. Our fees are well below the average Mutual Fund fee.  We do not take custody of client assets, so assets are always safe and secure at a 3rd party custodian. Our clients always have immediate access to information on holdings, transactions and asset allocation.

A word from Bob Centrella, CFA and Managing Partner:

"I'm proud of my Italian heritage and have taken my company name from the battle cry of the Italian National team - Forza Azzuri!"

The word "FORZA" in the Italian language means strength.  For us at Forza that especially means strength of the relationship with our clients and for our clients the strength and soundness of the financial advice they will receive from us.  Our goal is to develop strong partnerships with our clients based on sound financial advice and a trusting relationship.

FORZA - our strength is our experience.






Do you have financial concerns and desire a no-obligation consultation about a financial plan, investment portfolio, a retirement plan, an inheritance or other financial matter? Do you need a second opinion or a fresh set of eyes to review your current financial situation or investment portfolio?
Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. We’ll review your basic goals and risk tolerances, analyze the portfolio and offer insights into your allocation and investments.


Each Monday morning we send out a brief but concise and data-filled email.  You get Bob Centrella's investment commentary, weekly market data, and financial markets update.  This short email is a must-read to quickly catch-up on the prior week happenings.


This free brochure is designed to provide valuable insights and information on retirement planning.  It will help you get on the right path of saving and investing for the future. 

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Forza Investment Advisory, LLC
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